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Friday, November 5, 2010

Real Life can be Eye Opening

Marcela wrote:

"I chose this because when i was still in Colombia the earthquake was the new of the month.
Because of the devastation of the earthquake they have now a cholera epidemic. After all the dead they have again many interesting numbers.  first they give us a number. in the beginning there was 1,978 people hospitalize and the number increase to 1,6742 .  second the statistic for people getting sick increase 41% and the dead toll has increase 31%."

Math at the Movies

Hannah went to the movies and found the following real-life application:

The first picture is prices for tickets, the second is for popcorn prices.

If a people buy tickets for a 3-D matinee showing of a movie they pay $12.50 each. If people buy b large bags of popcorn they pay $8.00 for each. An equation for if some people got popcorn and a 3-D matinee would be 12.50a+ 8b= total price. 

I forgot to ask her what movie she saw!