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Monday, January 24, 2011


Laura found this example of math on the internet:

 Tax Article

This article talks about the tax going up 66 % in Illinois. It was 3 % then went to 5 %. So it went up 2 %. 2 % divided by 3 % is 67 % but they didn’t round up they rounded down.

One of the top news stories on the internet this week was about state income taxes going up 66% in Illinois. I decided to read this article because it had math in it, and I thought it might be a good article for the blog. The lawmakers in Illinois voted to increase the income tax from 3% to 5%. It went up 2%; a 2% increase on a tax of 3% is approximately 67% if you divide 2% by 3%. But in the article they rounded down when they should have rounded up.

.02/.03 = 0.666667 = 67%

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